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“As someone who spends an average of seven hours a week cycling outdoors, I have found indoor cycling to be a great compliment as it allows me to build upper body strength, focus on high-cadence cardio, and improve power throughout the entire range of motion”.

Dan Seivert

“Cycling classes at Fit On rock! I haven’t enjoyed myself spinning this much in some time. There is a really cool vibe at this new studio. Great sound, terrific music and the instructors are extremely professional, fun and positive. I love to get my FIT ON!!”

Colleen Stroyke

I just want to let you know that the FitOn challenge is definitely working for me!  I tried on an old pair of pants yesterday just for the heck of it.  They usually don’t fit, but this time they did. And….they were comfortable! I wore them all day with a big smile on my face. My next goal is to make them too big to wear AND get arms like Angela!

Lisa E. Pulver, CRNA, MS

Thank you for continuing the challenge!! I love taking a variety of classes at your studio.

Your staff is just amazing. I love Angela’s up-beat cycle classes with lots of great music and smiles (her arms are an inspiration to look at too!); your spin class has really taught me a lot about outdoor cycling and form; Lisa’s Bar class is extremely challenging but fun, she targets your trouble spots in ways you never imagined; Jen’s 30/30 class is short, sweet and effective; and last but not least, Drew’s Fit Hiit class was the single most difficult class I have ever taken. I love that challenge of completing his class.

Thanks for a fun, fit month!!

Stacy Williams

Dude – you knocked me on my ass today. I was as close to throwing up as I’ve ever been. Can’t thank you enough.


Howard Beech  -