Howard Beech - Fit On Slam Poetry Day 1

Day One

It is New Year’s Day and we are well on our way into the year without any fear. We all know why we’re here.

Early to bed, early to rise we used to despise. But now we are wise and up to the size of the task.

Here with the new sun on day one ready to become one…with the bike, taking cues from Mike on this 2.5 hike through the hills.

We’re headed up the switchbacks, running the attacks and dropping the packs of riders who do not train under the same reign as we do.

We ride together and share the power as we tower over our fears and reach for higher gears leaving all doubt in arrears.

Today is the first mount towards making 2015 count.

We clip in and this begins to become more than just spin. It’s not about the win but the strength from within to ride hard and grin and lean into life.

Every day a chance to get up and dance and throw a lance into negative space.

The morning bell rings and we head to a class that sings and continually brings their A game, leaving their blame at the door to step in and strengthen our core with so much more in store if we give ourselves up.

Tap it out, shout it out, we are about to be Fit On, spot on, sailing on a sea that washes over us and snaps us back to face the day with something to say we’re grateful for.

In this light, on this day I’m out of things to say but Thank You and crank that music, please. 












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