Franca Stadvec

Franca grew up in NY and SF. She attended college with Angela at SDSU, graduating with a BA in Journalism.
She went on to work in advertising, entertainment business and for Mari Winsor of Winsor pilates.
She moved to MB with Michael and their two children 13 years ago. Franca had a passion for fitness at a early age. She played Soccer and was a runner. She discovered Barre when she started to have issues with her hips from running. Barre helped relieve the pain in her hips by strengthening her core and lengthening her muscles.
Franca's have to believe you are strong, get all those negatives thoughts of what you can't do out of your head. You need to believe you are strong, tell yourself ....I AM STRONG!

Franca Stadvec instructs the following:
  • Fit On Barre
  • Fit On Barre is a unique workout that focuses on utilizing your core, with precise movements to incorporate all of the major muscle groups. This creates a strong, balanced, flexible, healthy body. Based on using a technique from the teachings of Lotte Berk, muscles are first isolated and pushed to fatigue and then immediately stretched. This technique of strengthening the muscles and then stretching the muscles creates a fast result of a stronger, leaner and more flexible body.

  • Fit On 30/30 Cycle/Barre
  • Get your Barre and Cycle On! Time crunched? New to Cycling or Barre? This class is great for Beginners to Advanced. Get the best of both worlds in 60 minutes!



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