Fit On Barre – found only at Fit On Studios in Manhattan and Redondo Beach

Get Your Shake On

Fit On Barre is a unique workout that focuses on utilizing your core, with precise movements to incorporate all of the major muscle groups. This creates a strong, balanced, flexible, healthy body.
Based on using a technique from the teachings of Lotte Berk, muscles are first isolated and pushed to fatigue and then immediately stretched. This technique of strengthening the muscles and then stretching the muscles creates a fast result of a stronger, leaner and more flexible body.

The benefits of Fit On Barre are:
· Core strength
· Lifted, toned glutes
· Long, lean thighs
· Toned arms
· Extreme flexibility and balance
· Improved posture and body alignment
· Fluid, graceful body movement
· Greater range of motion and endurance for all activities and sports
· Overall sense of well being as the body becomes stronger
· Leaner muscles
· Clients have lost up to 12 inches in 4 weeks during our Fit On Challenges!



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