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Burning 400-900 calories in a 55-minute class, indoor cycling is one the most efficient cardio, high-calorie burning exercises around. Cycling is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and provides a challenge and benefits – both physical and mental – to all who participate.


Indoor Cycling – Know Before You Go


Fit On’s indoor cycling studio has top of the line AC Performance Schwinn bikes with weighted flywheels and adjustable seats. They also come equipped with a gear knob to adjust the intensity of your workout. Come a few minutes early to get your bike adjusted according to your height. Set the saddle to your hip level to ensure your knees are not bent or locked straight when peddling. And, don’t force yourself, especially if it’s your first time.





What to Wear/Bring:

  • Tennis shoes are fine. Each bike comes with cages or clips.

  • Cycling shoes with SPD or LOOK Delta clips work well with our bikes.

  • Towels are complimentary, but bring water – burning 400-900 calories comes with some sweat!

  • Wear tighter fitting clothes – no need to buy a cycling-specific outfit.


Benefits of Indoor Cycling:

  • Excellent Fat Burner

  • Increases Leg Strength

  • Aids Cardiovascular System

  • Improves Posture

  • Reduces Risk of Injury

  • Weather Proof – no rain delays!

  • Mental clarity – music pumps you up, clears your mind










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