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Fall 2014 Challenge FAQ's

Sept 8th - Oct 6th
4 classes/wk
4 weeks long
4 rewards 
Feel Better
Look Better
Establish sustainable habits
2 Options:
Fit On Challenge      Michael's Challenge
  $199 unlimited            $299 unlimited
            pkg                              pkg
Michael's Challenge includes:
30 day challenge
60 days total (30 days follow through & checking in)
Lifestyle Adjustment Education
Prescreening and WEEK 1:
- Establish individual goals & metrics
- Body fat caliper testing
- Individual (moderate to extreme testing) cardio, strength, stretching...etc
- Heart rate monitors suggested, but not required
- Pair up (accountability & encouragement is key)
- 1 on 1 nutritional meeting to establish needs
- 1 group 30/30 per week taught by Michael
- Set schedule for week 1 & 2
- Daily checkins when completed, i.e. water drank, breathing work done etc.
- Speaker series with Gerry Morton
- 1 group meeting followed by Stretchball class
- Group 30/30
- Daily checkins
- Set individual schedules for weeks 3 & 4
- Tabata week
- Group 30/30
- Workout everyday
- Re-test at end of week
- Body fat test
- Group 30/30
- Set week 8 goal
- Group checkin
WEEK 8: 
- Re-testing
- Goal achievement!
Packages will start 9/8 and any current packages
will go on hold until the challenge is over

4th Annual

Fit On Challenge

(Game On!)

  First Week's Challenge Reward:

***Please sign in online to secure your spot and arrive at least 5 minutes before your class starts. Your Bike or Barre will be released 5 minutes after class begins***

*Complete 4 classes (or more) per week for 4 weeks.

*Follow Nutrition tips below!

*Rewards are earned on a weekly basis if the 4 classes are completed. Local Vendors will again be participating. 

*Challenge begins Monday, January 6th and 

ends on Friday, February 7th.

Fit On Challenge FAQ's


- Can anyone participate in the Fit On Challenge?  

Yes! Any new or existing Fit On Client is eligible. All you have to do is complete 16 classes (or more) in 31 days. We will be doing weekly calculations and checkins and making sure you stay accountable for reaching your goals!  Sigup at the front desk or email to sign up! 

- Do we have to buy the $199.00 package.

No! But, hey it is your cash. We did the math (16 classes times $15.00 to $18.00 average per class = $240 to $288!)

-I just do Barre, 30/30's and TRX. Any deals for that?

Oh, yes! $149.00. Seriously, the absolute, hands down, best deal in the Southbay (and possibly the world). 

-What if my series overlaps the challenge?

No worries! The challenge goes for 31 days and ends on February 7th. If you pay by the class have an existing series, buy the Unlimited halfway thru the month, it makes no difference. At the end of the Challenge, we tally up the number of your visits and will reward on classes taken.  

- Do you offer any Nutritional Programs?  

"most experts have insisted for some time now that successful, long-term weight loss requires permanent,sustainable,satisfying lifestyle changes..." -Columbia 

We also have CEO Gerry Morton from Energy First (our protein supplier) on speed dial, or go to 

What if I have a current series?

We can keep it on hold.

- Can I do any Fit On class?  

Yes! (Even 2 per day, if you want)  

- I belong to another club/studio or I ride/run/walk/boot camp outdoors. Are those classes eligible to be counted? 

Only if you wear your "I Got My Fit On" T-shirts and bring in photographic evidence.   

- When can I get measured?

Anytime! See us at the front desk, call or email to make an appointment. 

-What if I don't complete the 4 classes per week?  

- Do you have Family Packages Discounts?  

Why, "yes" we do! See us at the front desk for Couples or Family discounts.   


Click here to purchase the All Class Challenge Package. 


More Questions? Email   

 click here for online schedule

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