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Howard Beech - A PK Love Slam

PK, You bring it every time and continue to impress

The positive messages you embrace help us meet the challenges we face and
you share them with us in such an honest way that it's hard to say you're
anything less than real. Your message has a motivational feel and creates a
mood surreal that it appeals to us, and reveals for us, the opportunities
that lie within.

You intimated the places you've been don't have what we share. I think it's
the instructors that care and get us all to bare the emotions that drive us
to greatness.

So thank you too, for all you do to make that room loom larger than it seems
and provide us with the means to feel good about ourselves whether we
believe in elves or in tablets.

We all have mountains to climb and are looking for ways to shine every time
we take that seat. It's a feeling I haven't found a way to beat and it's
people like you that help us attain that feat.

As night falls on Christmas 2014 I know that I have not yet seen all that we
will mean to each other in the coming days. So keep your passionate ways and
drive us onward, PK.


Howard Beech - The Crew That Gets Me Through

The 6AMers...The Crew That Gets Me Through

Tis the season and you are all the reason I drag my ass out of bed when I'm
feeling dead at the crack of dawn.
Drag it down to where I belong; with all of you.

The bell goes off at 5am. A few yawns before dawn as the slippers go on.
I grab some pre-fuel brew to push me through.
I shake it up and guzzle it down with no one around.
Even the dog won't wish me off.

Into the car, the studio is not far and off I go to find a space to race in place.
I walk through the door, slide across the floor and check the playlist to get
the gist of what Michael will insist we will crush today.

I find my seat and clip in my feet to test my mettle with a stroke of the pedal
that is both smooth and deliberate.
If there's a better way to start the day I've not yet considered it.

Soon the flywheels spin and I get this sh*t eating grin when I realize that Fit On is home.
Why face the day alone when I could be with all of you doing what we do.

When my breathing becomes heavy, I imagine myself a supercharged hemi
powering through the class and throwing down the gas for as long as I can last.

Then there's the chatter and doubt that I have to work out before the smile you often see.
Before my mind can unwind I have to drive the pace and get rid of the grimace on my face as
I work out the kinks from the last ride.

Then the tunes roll out and Michael starts to shout and my cares melt away as the music
starts to play and I let the day roll on its way. I cut out the chatter that doesn't matter and look
to shatter goals I've set for myself.

My eyes are closed but my mind is open as the passion soaks in. We all start to climb and
forget about the time. We give up the whine and we all band together.

I marvel at the energy we share and how we dare ourselves to be stronger, live longer and
with more passion. It's not easy, at 6am, to find the will to climb those hills and face our ills but
we push through the pace. We let the beat move our feet in perfect time and let the morning
shine in.

And just when we're feeling weak, we reach down and find a peak and then quickly sneak
some retreat before we hit repeat.

The truth is, I am inspired by the stories you bring, the ones that make this thing we have so special.
I hope we do it together for a long time to come and not let our fitness be undone by anyone.

Thank you, 6AMers, for pushing me and helping me see that Fit On is where I want to be.


Howard Beech - Fit On Slam Poetry Day 1

Day One

It is New Year’s Day and we are well on our way into the year without any fear. We all know why we’re here.

Early to bed, early to rise we used to despise. But now we are wise and up to the size of the task.

Here with the new sun on day one ready to become one…with the bike, taking cues from Mike on this 2.5 hike through the hills.

We’re headed up the switchbacks, running the attacks and dropping the packs of riders who do not train under the same reign as we do.

We ride together and share the power as we tower over our fears and reach for higher gears leaving all doubt in arrears.

Today is the first mount towards making 2015 count.

We clip in and this begins to become more than just spin. It’s not about the win but the strength from within to ride hard and grin and lean into life.

Every day a chance to get up and dance and throw a lance into negative space.

The morning bell rings and we head to a class that sings and continually brings their A game, leaving their blame at the door to step in and strengthen our core with so much more in store if we give ourselves up.

Tap it out, shout it out, we are about to be Fit On, spot on, sailing on a sea that washes over us and snaps us back to face the day with something to say we’re grateful for.

In this light, on this day I’m out of things to say but Thank You and crank that music, please. 




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