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Howard Beech - A PK Love Slam

PK, You bring it every time and continue to impress

The positive messages you embrace help us meet the challenges we face and
you share them with us in such an honest way that it's hard to say you're
anything less than real. Your message has a motivational feel and creates a
mood surreal that it appeals to us, and reveals for us, the opportunities
that lie within.

You intimated the places you've been don't have what we share. I think it's
the instructors that care and get us all to bare the emotions that drive us
to greatness.

So thank you too, for all you do to make that room loom larger than it seems
and provide us with the means to feel good about ourselves whether we
believe in elves or in tablets.

We all have mountains to climb and are looking for ways to shine every time
we take that seat. It's a feeling I haven't found a way to beat and it's
people like you that help us attain that feat.

As night falls on Christmas 2014 I know that I have not yet seen all that we
will mean to each other in the coming days. So keep your passionate ways and
drive us onward, PK.




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