TRX Training




A TRX program can address the individual fitness level of each person in a class.TRX training leverages gravity and suspended bodyweight exercises to build lean muscle, boost metabolism, tighten the core and increase endurance. Originally created for Navy SEALs, a TRX program can be created for any fitness level even in the same class. With TRX training, you are in control of how much resistance is used! A great addition to a cycling class or an important part of an overall training program, our TRX programs can help you achieve your short and long term goals.


What is "Functional Training"? It is strengthening for everyday "functional" movements or activities like lifting a suitcase into an overhead bin, carrying groceries, playing recreational golf or high level tennis. Any movement that requires body stability can be termed "functional movement". Think picking up a baby or a grandchild or even as silly as it sounds, swatting at a fly! Shoulders, hips and lower backs become vulnerable with underuse just as much as overuse.




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